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Top Ten Signs You Have a Kapha Imbalance (and what to do about it) By Ali Cramer

March 18, 2015
  1. AliAyur50BlogPicYou are reading this from your bed. On your nightstand is a dirty coffee mug, and your pillowcase has a mascara smudge and a soup stain on it.
  2. Your,, and are coming up in your “Top Sites” browser.
  3. Your home yoga practice: Supta Baddha Konasana. For twenty minutes. Savasana for ten. Then a snack.
  4. You promise to meet your best friend at Sun Celebrations at 7:30 am. You live four blocks away, so you set your alarm for 6:45 am. You hit snooze once, cuz it doesn’t really take more than five minutes to get there. You hit snooze twice cuz you made coffee yesterday and there is some left over, you’ll just nuke it and be out the door. You hit snooze three times, cuz your bed is so warm and cozy and it’s so dark out. Instead of that fourth time, you turn off your alarm, throw your phone across the room, and pass out. You can always go tomorrow. Or the next day.
  5. Monday and Wednesday, when you get off work, you volunteer at a homeless shelter. Tuesday and Thursday, at an animal shelter. Friday and Saturday night finds you babysitting for your next door neighbor (for free) and Sunday you are your building’s resident dog walker. For free. And you live in Chelsea. That’s a LOT of dogs.
  6. Pudding for breakfast! What a great idea! It’s SORT OF like a smoothie!
  7. On your Spotify, on repeat: the top 100 Lullabies of all time.
  8. Your hair and skin are suddenly shiny…umm, actually oily. Okay, greasy and broken out.
  9. Skinny jeans? Nahhhhh. Pajama pants? Yeahhhhh.
  10. You’re inexplicably crying at dating website commercials, life insurance billboards, and magazine covers of Queen B and Blue Ivy.

Easy enough to take care of, but, first off, you have to actually DO something about it. Ayurveda Ali has got you covered. Take a deep breath, and get started. TODAY. NOW.

  1. Get out of bed. Strip off the sheets, and throw them in the wash. Bring your dirty dishes to the sink, wash them, and vow to not eat or drink anything (except water) in bed.
  2. Give yourself a half hour time limit with Pinterest, Hulu, and Netflix. No, not a half hour each, a half hour total. Set an alarm.
  3. If you want to practice at home I have two words for you: Surya Namaskar. Do three minutes of Ego Eradicator (look it up on Youtube if you don’t know what it is) to start your Practice, then ten rounds of Surya Namaskar. That’s about 20 minutes. When you are done, short savasana (like 3 minutes) and then have a glass of warm water with lemon.
  4. Planning on taking an early yoga class? Give yourself some extra incentive by changing your mind set. Instead of thinking it’s something you have to do, think of it as a Gift you can give your strong healthy body, and be grateful that you can move today.
  5. Volunteering and helping out is GREAT. AND, you cannot expect to be effective when you are burning yourself out. Repeat after me, “I am not saying no to you, I am saying yes to me” (I learned that one from DTF. Changed my life). Or just “No”. It can be a complete sentence. Pick one or two things you feel you can truly support.
  6. Cold, heavy breakfast is not the move right now. Try hot oatmeal with a little almond milk, ginger, cinnamon, and a dash of black pepper. If you eat eggs, try a big egg white scramble with a little hot sauce, turmeric, cumin, and some chopped kale. Try to avoid dairy and too much oil and/or salt. Even, dare I say it, coconut oil. (I know! My favorite too! We can start up again with it in Pitta Season).
  7. On your Spotify, on repeat: The Top 100 House Music Songs of all time.
  8. For your hair and skin: Head to Sun’s Organic Teas and Herbals, on Bayard Street in Chinatown, and get Trikatu, an ayurvedic blend of ginger, black pepper, and pippali, an Indian long pepper. Have a half teaspoon in warm water twice a day. You can also order it from And dry brush before your shower with a natural bristle brush. You can get one at Bed Bath and Beyond or Whole Foods. Long strokes up towards the heart, it’s great for circulation.
  9. Repeat after me, “I am a grown up. We get dressed in the morning. Pajamas are for infants. I am not an infant.” Lay out your clothes the night before if necessary. (No, not on your bed! Lay them over a chair so they don’t get that disheveled look. It’s not 1994. Throw out anything stained, stretched out, or with holes in it). And no flannel allowed. Until October. (see “Vata Season”).
  10. Turn off the tv, bundle yourself up, and GET OUTSIDE! Go for a walk in Central Park or by the river. Take your headphones and listen to the dance remixes of Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna, or your favorite One Named Diva. Stop and do a few jumping jacks or dance moves along the way. No one will watch or care, or else they might think it’s a flash mob and join in. Either way, consider yourself busting some serious Kapha.

Final bit of breaking out of the Late Winter sluggishness? Come to my Kapha Busting workshop, March 27th, from 6-9 pm at Laughing Lotus. We will cover how to safely do a Spring Cleanse, and talk diet, herbs, essential oils and asana then eat some yummy spicy kichadi together. Prepare to move into Spring recharged, rejuvenated, clear and balanced!

Namaste, Ali

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Amy permalink
    March 18, 2015 12:41 pm

    Especially love #5, because I forget that’s a way that Kapha can go out of balance — giving, giving, giving. Thank you for your wisdom!

    And obviously, meeting your friend at Sun Celebs is crucial.

  2. jmh548 permalink
    March 19, 2015 10:42 pm

    Just stumbled on this article yesterday and it described everything about my life right now. Since then, I’ve learned all about Dosha (totally new to me) and have already started making steps that have moved me in a MUCH more positive direction. Thanks so much!

  3. March 24, 2015 7:07 pm

    you had me at listen to madonna dance remixes… actually, you had me a whole lot earlier than that… but that made me fall in love with you even more, all over again!!! #hamdellelah with peace and positive energy, * vr

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