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Sheri’s Temple Dancing from the Ganges

May 23, 2012

The Birth of The Lotus Temple Dancers came from a deep longing within me to connect my two greatest loves, Dance and Yoga. Truly, one can see that the two are one in the same. Laughing Lotus has proven again and again to be rich and fertile ground for creativity and collaboration… so what a perfect time and place for the Lotus Temple Dancers to be born!

From the temples lining up along the River Ganges my love for Dance and Yoga have been amped up beyond belief. Early morning river dancing with the images of deities embedded in my soul, i understand the collision of movement and spirit are ancient. I only need to close my eyes to see the shape of Ganesha’s foot, the movement in Shivas arms, the sway of Lakshmi’s hips and the seat of Ganga Devi upon a crocodile. The inspiration is endless……

A few months ago Dana asked me to create a piece for The Lotus Summit. The Lotus Temple Dancers have taken off with a force like the Ganga itself. We step into the temple, close the doors and flow. Letting the Asana, Mudras and Movement flow freely… Just a short video clip on Facebook had people asking for more, asking to join in! So we have created an ALL LEVEL BE YOURSELF, Dance and Flow class to the Summit Weekend. The LTD will lead you in a collaboration of all things beautiful! No experience necessary . In the body temple of breath and movement we will explore creative expression together and open up to the ancient and the new!

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